August, 2015

The Types Of Air Conditioners Available

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

An air conditioner is an important electric appliance of today. But have you ever wondered what air conditioner would best suit your needs? There are a fair number of options when installing an air conditioning service in your home.

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Split AC

A Split AC tends to cool large buildings effectively. It has two components, the internal that is mounted on the walls or floor of the area to be cooled, and the external that is placed outside in the open atmosphere, and which makes considerable noise. Split ACs are more favored today in comparison to Window.

Window AC

The Window AC has been around the longest and is excellent at cooling small spaces. Unlike the Split AC, it only consists of one component, the front end of which is facing the room, and the rear end is projected outside.

Packaged AC

These are large chilling units, all the components of which are packaged into a single unit hence called the packaged AC. Mounted on walls or roof, this air conditioning appliance works silently and efficiently in providing cooling to large areas.

Central AC

These have high cooling capacities, and are generally used in commercial areas though now these units are getting popular in households too. They exhaust cooling through ducts into every nook and corner of the space.

Ductless AC

Like Split ACs, this AC also consists of an outdoor and indoor unit. It is employed when there are no ducts in the area to be cooled, but it is not as good at cooling large areas as a split air conditioner would.

Portable AC

As the name indicates, a portable AC is great for those who are constantly on the go. Though not as efficient, it can easily be dismounted and taken from place to place.

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